About the Project

Students in Guthrie, OK

This site was created by students at the University of Oklahoma enrolled in the Presidential Dream Course, Making Modern America: Discovering the Great Depression and New Deal during Fall 2015. During the course, students became immersed in history, politics, and culture of the 1930s through lectures, readings, film screenings, and field trips. Through weekly workshops, students gained the skills and confidence to engage in deep historical and field research and populate this site with their findings.

After the completion of the course, several students chose to continue to work on this project. We hope that the project will continue to grow and develop for years to come.

For technical information about the creation of this site, please visit the Technical Details page.


We would like to thank the following groups and individuals for supporting this project. 

For their Generous Funding and Support:

The University of Oklahoma

  • Office of the President
  • Office of the Provost
  • University Libraries 
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of History
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

For Sharing their Knowledge and Collections:


  • Western History Collections
  • Carl Albert Center 
  • The Oklahoman 
  • Oklahoma State University 
  • The Oklahoma City Zoo 
  • The Oklahoma Historical Society 

Our Team

This project would not be possible without the dedication and research of students at the University of Oklahoma. 

Instructional Team


  • Keith Gaddie - Chair of OU Department of Political Science
  • David Wrobel - Merrick Chair in Western American History
  • Sarah Clayton - Digital Scholarship Specialist, OU Libraries
  • Kristy Brugar, Assistant Professor, Social Studies Education
  • Jeffery Widener - GIS Librarian, OU Libraries
  • Tara Carlisle - Digital Scholarship Specialist, OU Libraries
  • Nathan Gerth - Curator, Carl Albert Center
  • Jackie Reese - Western History Collection Librarian, OU Libraries
  • Laurie Scrievner - History Librarian, OU Libraries

Student Contributors

Spring 2016

  • Cynthia Lemons
  • Donna Moore 
  • Dalton Savage 

Fall 2015

  • Colter Addington
  • Alexander Backstrom
  • Jordan Bernhardy
  • Sara Lindsay Bodman
  • Breeanna Brock
  • Matthew Brownlee
  • Alexander Chahanovich
  • Allison Cheatham
  • Autumn Colquitt
  • Tyler Davis
  • Veronica Del Moral
  • Julie Despujols
  • Sarah Dowell
  • Nicholas Duran
  • Mayra Garcia
  • Michael Garcia
  • Marcus Gonzalez
  • Avery Hamiter
  • Michael Hopwood
  • Elizabeth Kemins
  • Seth Lain
  • Cynthia Lemons
  • Austin Lucas
  • Dylan Maple
  • Charles Marque
  • Will Massie
  • Hunter Mattocks
  • Donna Moore
  • Ashley Mustain
  • Jennifer Nguyen
  • Pamela Ortega
  • Chelsea Paynter
  • Victor Reyes
  • Simon Ritaine
  • Dalton Savage
  • Nathan Scott
  • Zachery Seikel
  • Corinne Shank
  • James Synder
  • Christopher Tanchyk
  • Austin Troutman
  • Amy Wallis
  • Eli Weathers
  • Lindsey Webster
  • Wade Williams
  • Jian Yuan