The University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma

This exhibit profiles buildings and artwork on the University of Oklahoma's Norman campus campus completed with funding from the New Deal Agencies. Some of the projects still exist today, some have changed used, and others no longer exist. This is not a comprehensive list of structures, and we hope to expand this exhibit in the future to include more projects. 


Researched Adams Hall, Richards Hall, Adams Hall Murals, Holmberg Hall Murals

  • Archival Research:  Donna Moore
  • Field Research:  Wade Williams
  • Oral History:  Michael Hopwood
  • Mapping:  Seth Lain

Researched Union tower, Swimming Pool in McCasland Field House, Arches on Boyd and Jenkins

  • Archival Research: Elizabeth Kemins
  • Field Research: Charles Marque
  • Oral History: Nathan Scott
  • Mapping: Corinne Shank
The University of Oklahoma