Tour 1, Section B

About Tour 1 and Route 66

Tour 1, Section B stretches 120.8 miles along Route 66. Starting in Tulsa and ending in Oklahoma, this exhibit retraces the original tour highlighting Route 66 attractions spanning from the 1920s to today.

Greetings for Oklahoma: Center of the Great Southwest
"Known for many things, Grapes of Wrath families, "Cash and Carry" Pyle's Bunion Derby, its popular local titles, "Main Street of America" and the "Will rogers Highway of America," US 66 runs the gamut of hot and cold, mountains and pairies, beauty and sordid ugliness...

US 66 runs southwestward to the center of the state through miniing districts and oil and gas fields, thence westeward to the Texas Line through farming and stock country" - "Tour 1," Oklahoma: A Guide to the Sooner State, 1941: 219.

Follow our journey through the Sooner State as we revisit Tour 1, highlighting some of Route 66's famous landmarks.


  • Colter Addington
  • Marcus Gonzalez
  • Avery Hamiter
  • Hunter Mattocks
  • Jennifer Nguyen
About Tour 1 and Route 66