Tour 1, Section C

Tour 1

Tour 1 in the Oklahoma Guide to the Sooner State stretches from Baxter Springs, Kansas to Shamrock Texas. Because of the length of this tour, the Guide divided it into 3 sections. This exhibit will examine a portion of Section C, the route between Bethany and El Reno.  We tried to identify all the elements listed in the guide. Almost all the infrastructures described in the book were still there except for a grey building originally located between Bethany and Oklahoma City that was destroyed.

The tour was recreated a couple of times, the first one was by night with all the members of the group, then Allison Ambot did the tour again and filmed it, and finally members of the group recreated the tour one last time.


  • Allison Ambot
  • Mayra Garcia
  • Nicolas Duran
  • Victor Reyes
Tour 1