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There is a flood on the street in Lexington, and up and down the street there are multiple saloons
Date Created: 1895

Photograph of people standing outside one of the main saloons in Lexington, OK
Date Created: 1895

Native American child (Potawatomi or Kickapoo) attending first day of school at the Quaker Shawneetown Mission, between Shawnee and Tecumseh
Creator: Wenner, Fred
Date Created: 1893

An issue ofThe Chandler News devoted to the coverage of the cyclone that destoried the town on March 30, 1897.
Creator: Gilstrap, H. B.
Date Created: 1897-04-16

Article in The Guthrie Daily Leader about the Chandler 1897 cyclone.
Date Created: 1897-03-31

An article fromThe San Francisco Call about the cyclone in Chandler on Mark 30, 1897
Date Created: 1987-03-31

An article in theScranton Times about the tornado in Chandler on March 30, 1897
Creator: Scranton Times
Date Created: 1897-04-01

Article fromThe Salt Lake Herrald about the tornado in Chandler on March 30, 1897
Date Created: 1897-03-31

An article inThe Heraldabout the tornado that occurred in Chandler on March 31, 1897
Creator: The Herald
Date Created: 1897-03-31
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