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Black and white photograph of the Irving School Addition.
Date Stamped on July 17, 1987
WPA Survey III
Date Created: 1987-07-17

Photograph of the Irving School Addition.
Date stamped: July 17, 1987
W. David Baird
Date Created: 1987-07-17

Court Brief
July 11, 1963
Creator: Justia (US Law)
Date Created: 1963-07-11

School sign laying on floor in abandoned school.
Date Stamped: October 6, 2014
Creator: Hentrich, John
Date Created: 2014-10-14

Hallway of abandoned lockers.
Date stamp: October 7, 2014
Creator: Hentrich, John
Date Created: 2014-10-07

OKC new courthosue and jail.jpg
The description of the Oklahoma County Courthouse and Jail from a survey of public buildings conducted by the PWA in 1939.
Date Created: 1939

Banner school in 1987
WPA project, it was built in 1938 for $6,146. It was an all-black school which operated in the confines of District 47.

The chapel of the Central State Hospital (known today as the Griffin Memorial Hospital) wasbuilt in 1936 as a PWA project. It was meant as a tribute to the war dead and sponsored by the American Legion posts of Oklahoma. The memorial chapel was …

hardie field wall.png
In March 1940, Norman High School broad of education requested funding from the WPA to build a rock wall, with ticket booths around Hardie Field. Their request was approved by the WPA in April and required the school to fund $6,339 of the cost to the…

WPA drainage canal
In 1936, the WPA built a drainage ditch beginning at the intersection on Main & Carter, and continuing on block 41, 42, 48, 49, 54, 59.

In 1937, the WPA started sewage works and sewer extensions, alignement and estimates for short water main…
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