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Three Native Americans and one child with bow and arrows posed outside of a building in Darlington, Oklahoma.
Creator: Shuck, J.A.
Date Created: 1900-1915

Project Two Ada Cement Works.jpeg
A postcard with the Portland Cement Company Pictured.
Creator: Unknown
Date Created: 1910-1918

Boomers at Camp Alice in Bethany, Oklahoma.
Creator: Holmes, Helen
Date Created: 1900-1915

Camp Alice on North Canadian, where Payne & Party were arrested.
Creator: Holmes, Helen
Date Created: 1900-1915

Commissary Building, Darlington Agency, and other Agency trading stores. Train of freighters unloading. This spot was the center of Reservation activities.
Date Created: 1900-1915

david payne.jpg
David L. Payne, the leader of the Boomers on Camp Alice.

Ed Overholser.jpg
Photo of Ed Overholser, 16th mayor of Oklahoma City
Date Created: 1915-1918

One piece of the Oklahoma Postcard Collection that depicts sailing on Lake Overholser.
Date Created: 1900-1915

A photograph taken by the Lawton Chamber of Commerce of land lottery registrants sleeping in El Reno.
Date Created: 1900-1915

Mennonite Missionaries and Native Americans posed on porch of building at Darlington. Includes Phillip Cook, George Eaglenest, John D. Miles, Willie Burns, Robert Burns, and Leonard Tyler.
Creator: Shuck, J.A.
Date Created: 1900-1915
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