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Old North Tower in 2008. This was the University of Central Oklahoma's first building.
Creator: Houstonman6
Date Created: 2008-04-27

Yuchi Town. The archeological sites on Fort Benning, U.S.A., include both prehistoric and historic Native American sites. There is evidence of occupation or use as far back as approximately 12,000 years before present (BP). The most recent sites…
Creator: Pate, Martin
Date Created: 2000

Picture of Ned Christie, Cherokee, accused outlaw from the 1930s. While we have details for the digitized version, we are not sure of the original source.
Date Created: 2001-09-09

Project Two Ada Historic Walking Tour.pdf
Map of historic locations around Ada.
Date Created: May 2006

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Project Two Ada Public Library.jpg
Creator: Brad Holt
Date Created: March 1, 2007

Presentation by the University of Arkansas about Lake Frances.
Creator: Soerens, Thomas
Date Created: 2004

Form submitted to the National Park Service detailing Cleveland County Courthouse's historical significance.
Creator: Savage, Cynthia
Date Created: 2000-05

Oklahoman_Thursday, March 06, 2003_A1,7.pdf
Newspaper article of potential OKC schools closures
Creator: Watson, Christy
Date Created: 2003-03-06

Form submitted to the National Park Service detailing Norman City Park's historical significance.
Date Created: 2000-05
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