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Oklahoman _ Sunday, November 22, 1936 _ 40.jpg
Article in The Oklahoman about gas and electric heat on Monkey Island. Also mentions other zoo projects including the cat cages, bear pits, elephant house, alligator swamp, and outdoor bird cage.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1936-11-22

Oklahoman _ Sunday, June 28, 1936 _ 16.jpg
Article in The Oklahoman about moving aggressive primates from Monkey Island.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1936-06-28

Oklahoman _ Sunday, November 17, 1935 _ 20.jpg
Sketch of Monkey Island that appeared in The Oklahoman
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1935-11-17

Lake Frances Deer.jpg
Lake Frances Deer
Creator: Moore, Donna
Date Created: 2015-11

WPA began to construct 9 cat grottoes in 1936 and one year later made grottoes for their bears and elephants as well. The inside of the grottoes were made to look like dens-- covered by concrete to give the illusion of boulders. Although most are no…
Date Created: 1930-1950

Amy Dee Stephens and Sherri Vance discuss the importance of the Zoo to locals during the 1930s and how the WPA helped the Zoo to survive.
Date Created: 2015-10-21

A video showing the currently used grotto exhibits. Sherri Vance and Amy Dee Stephens highlight the changes that have occurred over the years
Date Created: 2015-10-21

A panning video of the largest grotto, which is currently used to house the red pandas.
Date Created: 2015-10-21
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