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Konawa Armory was finished in 1936 and used as a place to ready the local National Guard regiment for WWII.
Creator: Dowell, Sarah
Date Created: 2015-12

Inside the former drill hall of the WPA armory in Chandler, OK a Grinch-centered holiday celebration brings the community together.
Date Created: 2015-12-05

National Guard Armory in Chandler, Oklahoma, a WPA project built between 1936-1937.
Date Created: 193-

Plaque showing that the New Deal programs and WPA helped build the Chandler Armory.
Date Created: 2015-12-05
Mike Gonzales speaks about the armory before and after the new deal
Date Created: 2015-10-22

The front of the 45th Infantry Museum.
Date Created: 2015-10

A plaque on the 45th Infantry Museum saying it was built by the WPA in 1936 as a State Armory.
Creator: WPA
Date Created: Uknown

A photo of the museum after its creation in 1938
Creator: Unknown
Date Created: 1938

A copy of prose and poetry written by veterans of the 45th Infantry Division, shown in the armory/museum created by the WPA
Creator: Eisner, Harry
Date Created: 1993-03
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