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Second out-bridge on Old Highway 99 south of Bowlegs crossing Salt Creek.
Date Created: 2015-11-29
Donna Moore interviews Mike Webb about Tour 16, specifically the Coombs Bridge and working along the Illinois River.
Creator: Moore, Donna
Date Created: 2015-12-11

Natural Bridge Cookson Hills.jpg
Photograph used for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper.
Caption: "The natural bridge is a few miles up the Cookson Hills trail from old Dwight Mission."
Creator: Unknown
Date Created: 1941

The Washita river was featured in the WPA guide. This is a picture of the sign that marks the river in Paul's Valley.
Date Created: 2015-12-06

From the front of the train depot in Purcell looking up at the bridge.
Date Created: 2015-12-06

A look at the bridge from below as it looks today in 2015.
Date Created: 2015-12-06

This is a picture of the bridge from below as it appears today in 2015.
Date Created: 2015-12-06

These are pictures of the bridges and part of the drainage ditch that were built by the WPA during the Great Depression under the New Deal. Young men were able to work through the National Youth Administration (NYA) and participated in the building…

Bridges and drainage ditches completed by the WPA and NYA funding and labor.
Creator: Lemons, Cindy
Date Created: 2015-10
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