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cherokee nation 4.JPG
Cherokee Nation memorial near the headquarters
Creator: Savage, Dalton
Date Created: 2015

The photo is of a house that is the Murrell residence in Park Hill, OK
Date Created: 1940

Creator: Lemons, Cindy

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Illinois River Along Hwy 10.jpg
Illinois River Along Hwy 10
Creator: Moore, Donna
Date Created: 2015-11

Hanging Rock Camp Sign Along Road.jpg
Hanging Rock Camp Sign Along Road
Creator: Moore, Donna
Date Created: 2015-11

Lake Tenkiller Dam Spillway.jpg
Lake Tenkiller Dam Spillway
Creator: Moore, Donna
Date Created: 2015-11

Original Coombs Bridge 2.JPG
Old Combs Bridge set for demolition in December 2015
Date Created: 2015-12-11

Picture of Ned Christie, Cherokee, accused outlaw from the 1930s. While we have details for the digitized version, we are not sure of the original source.
Date Created: 2001-09-09

Photograph used for a story in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper.
Caption: "A restoration of the first tribal capitol established in Oklahoma by Cherokee Indians sits near the banks of the Arkansas River on SH 10 east of Gore."
Creator: Beuhner, Jeff
Date Created: 1981-10-01
Cindy Lemons interviews Christine Armer about Cherokee history and culture
Creator: Lemons, Cindy
Date Created: 2015-12-14
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