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Excerpt from The Indian's friend; a memorial of Briton Darlington. Selected from authentic accounts.See an alternative edition of this text in HathiTrust:;view=1up;seq=2
Creator: Garcia, Mayra
Date Created: 1873

Picture of a regular school day at Mission School in Darlington, Oklahoma.
Creator: Campbell, W.S.
Date Created: 1900-1915

Three Native Americans and one child with bow and arrows posed outside of a building in Darlington, Oklahoma.
Creator: Shuck, J.A.
Date Created: 1900-1915

A photograph taken by the Lawton Chamber of Commerce of land lottery registrants sleeping in El Reno.
Date Created: 1900-1915

A photograph of the crowds that lined up for the lottery to open in Oklahoma.
Creator: Steele, F.M.
Date Created: 1900-1915

Commissary Building, Darlington Agency, and other Agency trading stores. Train of freighters unloading. This spot was the center of Reservation activities.
Date Created: 1900-1915

A photograph that shows what El Reno looked like during the land drawing.
Date Created: 1901

A photograph of the El Reno Depot in 1901.
Creator: Campbell, W.S.
Date Created: 1901

mayras pic onion burger.jpg
Onion Burger Festival
Date Created: 20--

The first canteen in the United States built next to a rail road was in El Reno, Oklahoma
Creator: Ambot, Allison
Date Created: 2015 -12-14
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