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Three Native Americans and one child with bow and arrows posed outside of a building in Darlington, Oklahoma.
Creator: Shuck, J.A.
Date Created: 1900-1915

Indian agent in El Reno and the namesake for the Darlington Agency.

Commissary Building, Darlington Agency, and other Agency trading stores. Train of freighters unloading. This spot was the center of Reservation activities.
Date Created: 1900-1915

A photograph showing a title that depicts Darlington as a friend to the indians.
Date Created: Unknown

The first canteen in the United States built next to a rail road was in El Reno, Oklahoma
Creator: Ambot, Allison
Date Created: 2015 -12-14

A photograph that shows what El Reno looked like during the land drawing.
Date Created: 1901

A photograph of the sign that sits just outside the federal prison in El Reno, Oklahoma.
Creator: Duran, Nicolas
Date Created: 2015-11-17

Old El Reno Hotel. It is now part of the Canadian County Historical Museum.
Creator: Ambot, Allison
Date Created: 2015-12-14

A photograph of the plaque that denotes where the old Fort Reno once stood.
Creator: Duran, Nicolas
Date Created: 2015-11-17

A photograph taken by the Lawton Chamber of Commerce of land lottery registrants sleeping in El Reno.
Date Created: 1900-1915
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