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National Guard Armory in Chandler, Oklahoma, a WPA project built between 1936-1937.
Date Created: 193-

A photograph of the plaque that denotes where the old Fort Reno once stood.
Creator: Duran, Nicolas
Date Created: 2015-11-17

NormanNATTC bill & mary gusky.jpg
Colored map of the NATTC. The barracks are in dark blue.
Creator: Bill Gusky

Postcard from a cadet showing a close-up of the barracks.
Date Created: 1945

Barracks - "Home was never like this"
In March 20,1942, when it was decided that the only United States Navy facility in Oklahoma during the war was to be built in Norman, citizens became concerned with the lodgings of the personnel. It was reported that the City of Normal and its…
Mike Gonzales speaks about the armory before and after the new deal
Date Created: 2015-10-22

The front of the 45th Infantry Museum.
Date Created: 2015-10

A plaque on the 45th Infantry Museum saying it was built by the WPA in 1936 as a State Armory.
Creator: WPA
Date Created: Uknown

A photo of the museum after its creation in 1938
Creator: Unknown
Date Created: 1938

A copy of prose and poetry written by veterans of the 45th Infantry Division, shown in the armory/museum created by the WPA
Creator: Eisner, Harry
Date Created: 1993-03
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