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Painting depicting Chief Billy Bowlegs. The town of Bowlegs was named for his descendent.
Date Created: 1861

Kiowa Buffalo Hunt Mural.JPG
Kiowa Buffalo Hunt Mural at Northeastern University
Creator: Moore, Donna
Date Created: 2015-12-11

Donna and Pam (Tahlonteeskee).jpeg
Pam and Donna in front of the sign at the Cherokee Settlemetn
Creator: Savage, Dalton
Date Created: 2015-11

Picture of Ned Christie, Cherokee, accused outlaw from the 1930s. While we have details for the digitized version, we are not sure of the original source.
Date Created: 2001-09-09

Copy of Sequoyah's original syllabary with the changes that we use today. Original is on display at the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa.
Date Created: 2015-22-11

Grave of John F. Brown. The inscription reads
John F. Brown
Chief of Seminole Nation
October 23, 1843
October 21, 1919
A Servant to his Country
Creator: Dowell, Sarah
Date Created: 2015-11-29

Academy built in 1891 in Seminole by the Seminole for boys before schools were integrated and the building was closed in 1930.
Date Created: 1891-1930

A sign post for pedestrian crossing, showing the efforts made by Shawnee in terms of bilingualism.
Date Created: 2015-12

Excerpt from The Indian's friend; a memorial of Briton Darlington. Selected from authentic accounts.See an alternative edition of this text in HathiTrust:;view=1up;seq=2
Creator: Garcia, Mayra
Date Created: 1873

A photograph showing a title that depicts Darlington as a friend to the indians.
Date Created: Unknown
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