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Photograph used for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper.
Caption: "Author Stan Hoig, Central State University director of publications, stands next to the dedication plaque of CSU's Old North Tower, constructed in 1892."
Creator: Unknown
Date Created: 1976-09-30

Photograph used for a story in the Daily Oklahoman newspaper.
Caption: "Among visitors at the fiftieth anniversary jubilee at Central State college, Edmond, Saturday, will be three generations of the Welch family who have attended school there.…
Creator: Johnson, Bill
Date Created: 1941-10-08

Old North Tower in 2008. This was the University of Central Oklahoma's first building.
Creator: Houstonman6
Date Created: 2008-04-27

Postcard of Edmond in 1891
Date Created: 1891

Photograph used for a newspaper owned by the Oklahoma Publishing Company.
Caption: "December 25, 1888 at Edmond Station, before the run of April 22, 1889 - Mr. an Mrs. John N. Steen and son Charles celebrate Christmas Day next to the first…
Creator: Unknown
Date Created: 1888-12-25

Oklahoman _ Sunday, November 22, 1936 _ 40.jpg
Article in The Oklahoman about gas and electric heat on Monkey Island. Also mentions other zoo projects including the cat cages, bear pits, elephant house, alligator swamp, and outdoor bird cage.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1936-11-22

Oklahoman _ Sunday, June 28, 1936 _ 16.jpg
Article in The Oklahoman about moving aggressive primates from Monkey Island.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1936-06-28

Oklahoman _ Sunday, November 17, 1935 _ 20.jpg
Sketch of Monkey Island that appeared in The Oklahoman
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1935-11-17

Oklahoman _ Sunday, October 23, 1938 _ 33.jpg
Article in The Oklahoman announcing the final details for the Zoo Dedication Ceremony.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1938-10-23

Oklahoman _ Thursday, October 20, 1938 _ 12.jpg
Images and Descriptions of Lincoln Park Zoo staff and the preparations they made for the dedication ceremony.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1938-10-20
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