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Photograph of Creston Hills Elementary School used for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper. Caption: "Construction financed by P W A"
Date Created: 1934-01-26

Photograph of completed Creston Hills used for a story in the Oklahoma Times newspaper in 1935
Date Created: 1935-10-30

Public buildings: a survey of architecture of projects was a project created by the Federal Writers' Project and published in 1939. The Guide contains information about cost, floor plans, and photos of all the buildings constructed by the PWA as…
Date Created: 1939

A description of the OKC Municipal Building from a survey of public buildings built with funds from the WPA.
Date Created: 1939

Correspondence between Senator Elmer Thomas' office and the Internal Revenue Collection regarding the Federal Building Project in OKC.
Creator: Pool, M. E.
Date Created: 1936-12-02

Correspondence between Elmer Thomas and Mr. Doyle of the Procurement Division of the Treasury Dept. regarding the PWA project to double the size of the Federal Building.
Date Created: 1936-12-2

Correspondence between H. C. Jones and Elmer Thomas about the application for the project to double the size of the federal building. The status of the project is debated.
Date Created: 1936-12-03

Correspondence between the county commissioners office and Senator Elmer Thomas in regards to the application for the PWA to remodel the old courthouse and jail.
Date Created: 1937-02-25

Correspondence between PWA and Senator Elmer Thomas regarding applications for projects in the metro and other parts of OK.
Creator: Pool, M. E.
Date Created: 1937-07-29

Photo of the Civic Center (municipal auditorium) built in 1938
Date Created: 1939
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