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This is a statue of the caretaker who had provided those services for 30 years for which the park was named. It was later changed to Andrews Park in 1956. A chainsaw was used to carve the statue from a tree.
Creator: Lemons, Cindy
Date Created: 2015-10

Project Two Ada Wintersmith Park.jpg
The park was completed in 1934, as a part of a WPA project.
Creator: Brad Holt
Date Created: August 6, 2008

Photo of Andrews Park Amphitheater in 2015.
Creator: Ritaine, Simon
Date Created: 2015-10-03

Entrance to Andrews Park, formerly Norman City Park , in 2015.
Creator: Scott, Nathan
Date Created: 2015-12-11

The back view of Andrews Park Amphitheater in 2015.
Creator: Ritaine, Simon
Date Created: 2015-10-03

This is the blueprint for the tropical birds and animals building at the Lincoln Park Zoo.
Creator: Davis, Joseph
Date Created: 193-

These are pictures of the bridges and part of the drainage ditch that were built by the WPA during the Great Depression under the New Deal. Young men were able to work through the National Youth Administration (NYA) and participated in the building…

Oklahoman _ Thursday, October 05, 1933 _ 10.jpg
A newspaper article describing the events that are helping shape Lincoln Park. CCC workers brought to help with construction thanks to the New Deal.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1933-10-05

Oklahoman _ Sunday, September 11, 1938 _ 28.jpg
Article fromThe Oklahomannaming Walter C. Dean as the Chariman for the committe to plan the zoo's dedication service.
Creator: The Oklahoman
Date Created: 1938-09-11

Entrance to Norman City Park 8/20/1944
Creator: Heffner, Roy E.
Date Created: 1944-08-20
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