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In 1935, President Bizzell writes his predictions and hopes for the next ten years at the University of Oklahoma. The article includes enrollment statistics for the university from 1892 to 1934-5.
Date Created: 1935-12

Article and photos in the Sooner Magazine highlighting the recently built Business Administration building, later renamed Adams Hall.
Creator: Sooner Magazine
Date Created: 1937-05

Sooner Magazine article about the approval and tentative plans for the Business Administration Building.
Creator: Sooner Magazine
Date Created: 1935-05

Dean Adams' progress report on the College of Business Administration. The report mentions the enrollment statistics and how the new facility impacted the standard of work. Adams also stresses the need for higher salaries to recruit and retain theā€¦
Date Created: 1937-12

Evans Hall, originally known as the Administration Building, featured on the front cover of the Sooner Magazine in 1937
Creator: Sooner Magazine
Date Created: 1937-02

The article promotes the formal dedication of the Biological Sciences Building, later Richards Hall.
Date Created: 1938-03

Dean Adams writes about the new Business Administration building.
Date Created: 1936-10

Jacobson Hall.pdf
Image of Jacobson Hall, originally the Art Building, on the cover of Sooner Magazine
Creator: Sooner Magazine
Date Created: 1936-05
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