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There is a flood on the street in Lexington, and up and down the street there are multiple saloons
Date Created: 1895

Photograph of people standing outside one of the main saloons in Lexington, OK
Date Created: 1895

A picture of the grave of the founder of Paul's Valley, Smith Paul.
Date Created: 2015-12-06

Photograph of the Biology building (Richards Hall) under construction
Date Created: 1936-05-25

Southeastern View of Construction of Adams Hall
Date Created: 1936-04-07

The entrance to Norman City Park, now Andrews Park, in 1944.
Date Created: 1944-08-20

McCasland Field House.jpg
McCasland Field House in the Background of the Construction of the Swimming Pool
Creator: Heffner, Roy E.
Date Created: 1936-03-20

Description of Smith Paul, namesake of Pauls Valley, and his burial
Date Created: 1937-1941
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