Students researching at Western History Collections

Students researching in the Western History Collections at the University of Oklahoma

The United States changed rapidly during the 1930s in response to a series of economic, environmental, and social factors. The Great Depression transformed the relationship between the national government and its citizens. The physical landscape was also altered through massive public works projects and conservation initiations. Moreover, this was one of the richest periods of creative cultural activity the nation has seen.

Created by students at the University of Oklahoma, this site documents and explores the 1930s and its enduring legacies in Oklahoma. Please explore the digital exhibits and collection of photographs, documents, videos, and maps discovered and created during the research process.

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Photograph showing construction project at the University of Oklahoma in the 1930s

Reconstructing the Built Environment of the New Deal

Photograph of abandonded highway

Recreating Oklahoma: A Guide to the Sooner State Tours

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